About the Ministry
About the Ministry
Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up

The department undertakes the task of building conscious human capital by providing opportunities University and technical education for segments of society and the advancement of specializations Scientific studies in universities, development of the central admission system, expressing an opinion With the proposals of universities and the authority regarding the required developments after studying The extent to which these developments fulfill the controls and conditions, to reach a system An integrated statistician that meets all needs, developing the efficiency of the performance of employees In the ministry, strengthening the administrative apparatus with modern information systems with Work on curriculum development.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Nabil Kazem Abdel-Saheb
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research aims to make changes Quantitative and qualitative in the scientific, technical and cultural movement in Iraq. It directs scientific and research institutions to take over the process of creating a generation New, equipped with science and knowledge, to make these institutions an effective and influential force in Iraqi society.

The ministry also aims to develop scientific and cultural relations and expand Friendly relations in these areas with other countries and organizations Various scientific and academic around the world in order to achieve Harmony and integration in the fields of science and knowledge

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gahssan ahmed
Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs member
suhail hammed
Undersecretary for Scientific Research Affair member
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