Diyala University’s Master's Dissertation: On Paper Spring Designing
Diyala University’s Master's Dissertation: On Paper Spring Designing

College of Engineering, University of Diyala discussed a master's dissertation on designing and manufacturing of leaf springs via using hybrid composite materials by the postgraduate student, Mrs. Rania Odwan Sabbar. The dissertation aimed at modifying the traditional steel leaf spring used in vehicles with hybrid composite materials. The dissertation demonstrated analyzing leaf springs via taking the rear leaf spring of a “Toyota” vehicle and using three materials to manufacture leaf springs such as epoxy resin and glass fibers, as well as carbon fibers. The dissertation highlighted that the tests conducted on tensile, shock, stiffness, fatigue, damping and bending to evaluate the effectiveness of the spring of composite materials and that epoxy is a brittle material that fails very quickly and after reinforcing with fibers, it became stronger and more durable.

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