Higher Education: On 70 Hungarian Fellowships
Higher Education: On 70 Hungarian Fellowships

Higher Education announced on 70 Hungarian fellowships to obtain Master and Ph.D. and they are as the following, 30 fellowships to obtain Master for the non-employees in the fields of oil, aircraft and medical device engineering, urban and regional planning and astronomy and space sciences astronomy and 40 fellowships to obtain Ph.D. for the employees in the fields of digital media, meeting, archeology, project management, philosophy, oil, dam and medical equipment engineering and water resources,  Director of Relations and Media and Spokesman, Dr. Haider M. J Al-Aboudi said.

Dr. Al-Aboudi added that the submission will be via the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations website (scrdgate.scrdiraq.gov.iq) and the submission should not be after 15/1 / 2018.

Dr. Al-Aboudi reviewed that the applicant should be 24 or less years old to obtain Master and 50 or less to obtain Ph.D. and should have a letter of nomination includes the name of the candidate, graduation score, job title, date of births, scientific title for the master's degree and verification of employment as well as three recommendations from well-known faculty members in the same specialty in English language besides their last graduation degrees no less than 70%.

Dr. Al-Aboudi continued by saying that the applicant should not to be submitted to any postgraduate studies inside Iraq, should have one year employment after hisher last graduation certificate according to the regulation No. 518 of 1986 supported with an affiliation letter from the workplace and should meets the conditions of the host country.

Dr. Al-Aboudi called on staffs of all Ministries, universities the two bodies, as well as non-employees to submit via the websites of (apply.stipendiumhungaricum.hu/applicant) and (stipendiumhungaricum.hu).

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