Higher Education: On Turkish Scholarships
Higher Education: On Turkish Scholarships

Higher Education announced on 8 scholarships for the academic year 2018/2019, Director General of Scholarships and Cultural Relations, Dr. Salah Al-Fatlawi said.

Dr. Al-Fatlawi added that the scholarships were granted by the Turkish Bilkent University to Iraq.

Dr. Al-Fatlawi reviewed that the scholarships included 4 scholarships to obtain Master's degree is for non-employees in the fields of industrial engineering, architecture, archeology and literature and 4 scholarships to obtain Ph.D. for employees and non-employees in the specialties of neuroscience, material sciences ,nanotechnology, , psychology and architecture.

Dr. Al-Fatlawi also reviewed that the submission will be via (scrdgate.scrdiraq.gov.iq), not after 26-5-2018 and the Ministry does not bear any financial consequences.

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