Higher Education’s Conference
Higher Education’s Conference

Higher Education is preparing for its conference on good leadership and economic reforming on the 4th of April, Head of Supervision and Scientific Evaluation, Dr. Nabeel Al-Araji said.

Dr. Al-Araji added that the conference is an important step to ensure the role of university performance in identifying the factors that may impede the work of the productive sectors, service and energy and setting put the treatment mechanisms according to the international standards that enhance the of the concept of good leadership and the nature of its role in the national economic reforming.

Dr. Al-Araji continued by saying that the participation will be via professional and non-traditional researches that will contribute in activating the culture of the Iraqi economy and providing methods for decision makers according to the principles of good governance as well as making the right decision in the investment process and strengthening the academic relations and cooperation between State’s institutions.

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